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Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time: Who Is Your Favorite Character?

COMMUNITY By Fozzie May 06, 2014 at 10:52am (EST)

Welcome to another Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time where we ask you all thought-provoking questions related to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Last week we wanted to you to tell us which two fandoms you think they should match-up next. Here are some of our favorite responses:

Zoe Witham: Legend of Zelda and Destroy All Humans!

Jared: Attack On Titan and Mega Man Zero would be good. Both sides fight impossible odds so they have some common ground. And since Zero and most of the Resistance are Reploids, they could have an advantage over titans. Zero also has a pole-arm, chain whip, bladed kamas, boomerang shield, and Zero Knuckle as well as his normal blaster and Z-Saber so I think he could hold his own very well. lol
Kingdom Hearts Union

Valhallamage: Pokemon + Disney, because princesses and Pokemon would be a beautiful concept. I can totally picture that.

Axeken: Not my dream match up but I'm surprised I haven't seen any Attack on Titan X Titanfall stuff. It's in the names
Kingdom Hearts Union

Thank you guys for all of your responses and here's our Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time Topic for this week:
What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts character and why?

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If you have an idea for what question we should ask next time, email us at Lauren@gamingunion.net.