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Kingdom Hearts Union Cosplay Spotlight: Disney Edition

COMMUNITY By Fozzie May 07, 2014 at 1:49pm (EST)

Welcome to Volume 4 of our Kingdom Hearts Union Cosplay Spotlight. This week we're focusing on Disney cosplay only.

Not only that, we will only be featuring Disney characters who have appeared in a Kingdom Hearts game (sorry Frozen fans!). So let's get started.

Photo by Unknown, Cosplayer - Ormeli
Megara (Hercules)
Photo by Unknown / Cosplayer - Ormeli

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Photo by PrincesofCosplay / Cosplayer - Lauren Risvold

Snow White
Photo by Benny Lee / Cosplayer - A_Riddle

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Photo by Kifir / Cosplayer - Ryoko-Demon

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Photo by MrGnob / Cosplayer - Rikardaj

That's it for this week! Click here to check out our previous volume.

If you have any cosplay that you'd like us to share, you can email it to us at Lauren@gamingunion.net.

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