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Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time: Who Is Your Favorite Character Results

COMMUNITY By Fozzie May 12, 2014 at 8:12am (EST)

Due to the massive amount of response we received from this question that we posted last week, we thought it would be best to dedicate one whole news post to the results we've collected.

We collected answers from nearly 1,300 entries from all around the internet. The question thread had been shared over 100 times on Facebook. The top 10 results are as follows:

Sora - 239
Roxas - 225
Axel - 195
Riku - 179
Ventus - 72
Aqua - 57
Xion - 48
Terra - 47
Kairi - 38
Marluxia - 26

Here are some comments from you guys:

Asa Raheem: "Riku and Sora. I like how they both grew throughout the series in different ways. Riku grew by changing whereas Sora grew by staying the same."

Marilyn Bélanger: "Ventus. I think he was a very interesting character. What happened to him was heartbreaking and I seriously cried at the toughts of him being alone all this time. I think we can say that we all can't wait to see Sora waking him up."

Andrew Creekmore: "Zexion, because despite his lack of character development, he was always very cool and badass. Hopefully he'll show up again now that he's been brought back to life"

austin skaggs
: "Too many to say...hmmm...how about...ALL OF THEM"

Georgonio: "Aqua!!! Because she has done so much for everyone!!! She saved Ven, she got lost in the darkness trying to save Terra and more..!!!"

tlovetech: "Terra- he is the fallen hero. he tries to be good, but is taken by darkness. I hope he rises back to the light. Plus- epic outfit!"

Thank you all so much for the support and hope you'll tune in again for another Kingdom Hearts Union Discussion Time!