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KH Discussion Time: If You Could Change Anything About Kingdom Hearts

COMMUNITY By Fozzie May 28, 2014 at 10:12am (EST)

Welcome to another Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time where we ask you all thought-provoking questions related to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Last week we wanted to know what your Ultimate Collector's Edition would be for Kingdom Hearts III and surprisingly enough, a lot of you simply wanted artbooks:

Bryar Pace: Artbook, OST, and maybe a signed photo or something, saying thank you to the fans for making it all possible. I feel like it would be an amazing moment to open it up after all these years of waiting for KH3 and to see something somewhat personal from the creators.

Zoë Oblivionkeeper: translated version of the novels. not the manga, the novels. that have not been translated to english. novels.

William Helmrich: Personally I think that they should use the opportunity to put a teaser in for what comes after the Xehanort saga.
Maybe a image of the antagonist or protagonist with the tittle the next game.

Our question for next Discussion Time is:

If you could change anything about Kingdom Hearts, what would you change and why?

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