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KH Discussion Time: What Do You Want To See At E3 2014?

COMMUNITY By Fozzie Jun 05, 2014 at 9:40am (EST)

Welcome to another Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time where we ask you all thought-provoking questions related to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Last time we wanted you to tell us what changes you'd make to the Kingdom Hearts titles if given a chance and we had a bunch of responses:

Emily Noell Murphy: I wouldn't include time travel, KH3D really threw me off because of it. It just doesn't seem like it'll work too well in the universe, I could be completely wrong though and KH3 makes it all better.

lostwayfinder: No Alice in Wonderland world anymore xD

@JaredScott5: I would add more worlds (Preferably from Pixar). It's a bit repetitive when half of the worlds in each game are the same.

Kc Haas: Good question.... I don't think i would change anything. I just hope the world of Shibuya from Twewy gets added because neku said "See you in Shibuya." They better add that world.

Our question for next Discussion Time is:

What Do You Want To See At E3 2014?

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