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Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time: Which Is Your Favorite Kingdom Hearts Game?

COMMUNITY By Fozzie Jun 16, 2014 at 9:02am (EST)

Welcome to another Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time where we ask you all thought-provoking questions related to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Last time, we wanted to know what you all wanted to see at E3 2014 and unfortunately for us Kingdom Hearts fans, E3 2014 offered next to nothing new (except maybe the release date for Kingdom Hearts 2.5!). Here's some of the things you guys wanted to see:

Cory: I want to see a cinematic trailer for the game. I know we have had one trailer already, but that really only showed the gameplay. I want to see a trailer that focuses on the story of the final installment of the Xehanort Saga.

Brian Allen Horn: Release date for 2.5 and perhaps some live gameplay of 3, but that one is kind of a stretch.

Jared: I'd like to see a release date for KH2.5 HD ReMIX and some combat from KH3. I'm hoping we'll see more keyblade transformations

And one of our favorites after our "No Kingdom Hearts III at E3" story went live

James Young: Aww, boo-urns.
Well at least that means no late-nights for those in unfriendly time-zones.

Our question for next Discussion Time is:

Which Is Your Favorite Kingdom Hearts Game?

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