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Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time: What's Your Favorite Part in Kingdom Hearts 2?

COMMUNITY By Fozzie Jun 27, 2014 at 10:51am (EST)

Welcome to another edition of Kingdom Hearts Union's Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time where we ask you fans for your opinions on things related to Kingdom Hearts.

Last time we asked you all: Which of the Kingdom Hearts games did you like the best? Some of you left really really extensive responses so we've chopped them down a bit just to save some space but you can read the full responses on our social media pages linked beneath. Here are some of your responses:

Belinda Pryor: "I love KH2. Closely followed by DDD. The graphics and combat system were definitely updated and it makes the play al the more addictive when you add in the great characters and villains. The different enemies you have to fight: the nobodies and heartless. Once you play KH2 it's hard to go back to the first game. It was a fight to get myself to play no.1 again after playing KH2. The game almost has 3 storylines in it..."

@PaulBlessing3: "It's pretty tough but I'd have to go with 2. It was the first game I ever pre-ordered and got day one. What a day that was!"

Chris Pargaliti: "I simply love the first game as it holds a magical place in my gaming heart. For somebody who hasn't played any Final Fantasy or seen many Disney movies this game had open up a lot of new worlds to explore for me."

Sandy Greaves: "I go more towards kh2 because of the fighting style changes and the drive modes. My friend Belinda Pryor laughs at me when I say that Sora's fighting in the first game is hard for me because I find it awkward and hard to move around sometimes. It flows better in the second game..."

Our question for next Discussion Time is:

What's Your Favorite Part in Kingdom Hearts 2?

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