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Kingdom Hearts Fans Answer: What's your favorite part in Kingdom Hearts 2?

COMMUNITY By Fozzie Jul 07, 2014 at 10:33am (EST)

We received so many great answers from you guys on our last Kingdom Hearts Discussion Time, we decided that they deserve all of the focus so here are a bunch of answers to our latest question:

What's Your Favorite Part In Kingdom Hearts 2?

roxas21691: I would say the battle against the 1000 heartless. Although the battle wasn't that good, the cutscene was just sooooo epic!

Kayd-Devil-Bringer: One does not simply pick 1 favourite moment in kingdom hearts 2.
*Bonus for LotR reference!

@TheJackeh: fav part in kh2: when sora finally realizes he has found riku, then he cries. And riku tells him goodnaturedly to stop being a baby.

Lukas: Sora vs Roxas battle and cutscene. '-'/

Sora White: The fight against Sephiroth dying so many times then finally managing to beat him and wanting to fight him again because he's the most powerful boss.

@Yasserweek: Kairi fighting heartless with keyblade, sora and riku vs xemnas, sora vs roxas, roxas vs axel

Rarien Doach: Everything.

Thank you all of you who submitted answers! Be sure to join us at our next Discussion Time!