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Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 68: Seth Kearsley Interview And More!

COMMUNITY By Fozzie Jul 09, 2014 at 5:28am (EST)

Another week is upon us and another episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is here for you! Branden and Churro sit down once again for another awesome bro-cast about all things Kingdom Hearts. First up on the itinerary is the news. The guys work through the information at hand including KH2.5 will have battle scenes for Re:Coded, Birth By Sleep will unfortunately not have multiplayer, and Tai Yasue’s favorite pick for a new Disney world is Frozen. Square Enix also addressed the general disappointment that fans expressed from lack of KH news at E3.

After the news, the duo launch into a discussion about an interview that KHU landed (which is LIVE right now). The interview was with Seth Kearsley, the director of the much rumored KH animated series that, unfortunately, never came to fruition. Would the series have been a good idea? Should they still make it? What should it look and feel like? Branden and Churro leave no stone unturned! Then we have your answers to the last Burning Question.

We need your answers for the new BQ which is

“What would you want a Kingdom Hearts animated series to be like?”
Get us your responses; we are so excited to hear your thoughts!

Bringing the show to a close is a remix from Kingdom Hearts 2 that is a phenomenal re-arrangement and cover of Sanctuary; this is one you won’t want to miss! Enjoy the show and we’ll see you guys again in a couple of weeks!

You can check out Seth Kearsley's DeviantArt page with some of the original story boards here!

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