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Kingdom Hearts Union Answer Time: Heartless, Unversed, Dream Eaters, or Nobodies?

COMMUNITY By Fozzie Jul 21, 2014 at 9:37am (EST)

Welcome to another edition of Kingdom Hearts Answer Time with Kingdom Hearts Union where we feature your answers from our last Discussion Time.

Last Discussion Time we asked you all: Which Is Your Favorite Kingdom Hearts Enemy Class? Heartless, Unversed, Dream Eaters, or Nobodies?

The results from our poll are as follows:

Heartless: 33
Unversed: 6
Dream Eaters: 7
Nobodies: 44

Although the Heartless put up a good fight, it was the Nobodies who were victorious. It seems like a lot of fans appreciated the stories behind the Nobodies over the Heartless. Here are some of the responses we received:

Biddy You: Nonono! I love them all!!! but if I was forced to pick I'd have to pick heartless and nobodies, they both have a slick and sick way of moving that just stand out to me while the unversed and the dream eaters are pretty awesome too they just dont stick out as much.

Zerolight Onyxsun: I have to say my favorite has to be the Unversed because of their origin and how there are so many of them. Nobodies come second because of their overall story progression and power, then Heartless since they were the start of it all. The Dream Eaters/Nightmares are my least favorite.
Kingdom Hearts Union

Christopher Torres : I'm probably one of those rare fans that like all of them. They all have cool designs, color schemes, and having a balance of cute and badass.

Alpha AngelX11: I like Nobodies because of their design and my favorite character (Roxas) Nobody, not to mention I think they are the most powerful of the 4.

Dylan BlackTape DeLapp: Nobodies mostly because they represent the more serious side of kh as they were introduced in kh2 as to represent that side if the story. While heartless were introduced to be a cartoony main pawn. While they are adorable they aren't what I like to see I'm games.

Sebastian Vega: I gotta say the original Heartless, they made the first, and every game since, quite an experience and although they may not be the strongest I must say they've made the biggest impact on me.
Kingdom Hearts Union

Dominick Gaimaro: I gotta go with heartless. They are what started all the [censored] that's wrong with the worlds and why Kingdom Hearts could start. They are diverse throughout the worlds, adapting to become a part of the world's atmosphere. And I like the idea of when I beat them I am destroying the darkness that plagues the world.

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