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Kingdom Hearts Union Fan Art/Cosplay Spotlight: Halloween Edition

COMMUNITY By Fozzie Oct 31, 2014 at 8:29am (EST)

It's Halloween tonight and in honor of the occasion we're featuring a bunch of Halloween related Kingdom Hearts cosplay and fan art from DeviantArt.


// Eguana.deviantart.com
Fan Art - Halloween; Artist - Eguana

Halloween Town Sora

// Cosplayer - Cvy.Deviantart.com; Photographer - Songster69.Deviantart.com
Cosplay - Halloween Town Sora; cosplayer - cvy; photographer - songster69

Halloween Town Sora

// Cosplayer - Chibinis-chan.deviantart.com; Photographer - mi-ya-bi@Animexx
Cosplay - Sora Halloween; Cosplayer - Chibinis-chan; mi-ya-bi@animexx

Everybody Scream!

// Firagaa.deviantart.com
Fan Art - Everybody Scream!; Artist - Firagaa

Happy Halloween Month

// Alekinaart.deviantart.com/
Fan Art - Happy Halloween Month; Artist - AlekinaArt

Sora In Halloween Town

// Twero.deviantart.com
Fan Art - Sora In Halloween Town; Artist - Twero 1

Sora Sculpture

// Sruelas.deviantart.com
Fan Art - Sora Sculpture; Artist - SRuelas

This is Halloween

// Vanycat.deviantart.com
Fan Art - This is Halloween!; Artist - VanyCat

This is Halloween

// Biigurutwin
Fan Art - This is Halloween; Artist - Biggurutwin

Halloween Town Sora

// Taiara-sama.deviantart.com
Fan Art - Halloween Town Sora; Artist - Taiara-sama

That's it for this spotlight! Hope you like our selections.

Have a Happy Halloween!