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The Future of Kingdom Hearts Union

COMMUNITY By Darryl Jan 04, 2015 at 3:08pm (EST)

Kingdom Hearts lovers, welcome to 2015, a year of possibility for the franchise and also this fansite. Yes, we expect to hear much more about Kingdom Hearts 3, but we also expect to provide a much more enriched experience for the Kingdom Hearts community in the coming year and beyond.

To be frank, out of the Gaming Union Network, Kingdom Hearts Union has always been the website that lacked the same degree of maintenance and care. Lauren has done wonders updating the site with news, but it has been partially broken for a while now and the character database is much incomplete. We launched it when Final Fantasy Union and Tales Union were already established and right when Gaming Union was being taken to the next level. Since then, we’ve seen other Unions (Tales, Resistance, Square and Socom) come and go, but we have always believed that Kingdom Hearts Union has a strong place within our network and it’s for that reason that we want to start off Kingdom Hearts Union again, but this time on the right foot.

We are always humbled by the level of support the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast receives and we are also grateful to those who follow us on the various social networks. However, want to offer more and that is where a re-launch of the site comes into play, as well as a revamp of our Patreon.

The idea is to create a more joined-up experience where we will have much more interaction with the community, detailed information on the franchise for those who enjoy a bit of research and also an expansion of our multimedia content. This will be provided by a core group of individuals (some of who you already know), who are passionate about the Kingdom Hearts franchise and want to see the community flourish.

It’s an exciting time for all of us, not especially me who has decided to dive head-first back into coding in order to produce the new website. However, it’s for that reason that we’re probably going to take one step back before we take two steps forward. In order to get the site launched, we may end up stripping parts away and adding them back in at a later date. This will always give us something to work towards and it will give me the time to work on things behind the scenes! We have a working prototype up and running at moment and initial feedback from the staff has been great. The hope is that we can share it with you all soon and take that first step forward.

Thank you for your continued support and here’s to an exciting year! Oh... and Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 74 releases tomorrow, so don’t miss it!

- Darryl