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Introducing The New KingdomHeartsUnion.com

COMMUNITY By Kyle Jun 11, 2010 at 2:30am (EST)

Excuse the sound of a number of people cracking their knuckles, as myself and the Gaming Union and Kingdom Hearts Union team are happy to finally debut the new, completely overhauled, KingdomHeartsUnion.com! Along with the new look of the site, we've also spruced up the overall structure of the website so that everything is better organized. It's now far easier to navigate to whatever news, community content, or game information pages you might be looking for.

If you've also seen the new FinalFantasyUnion.com, which we also relaunched last week, we're happy to introduce our 100% custom made comments system on KingdomHeartsUnion.com as well. It's arguable whether the new comments system is slightly greater than the new layout, or visa versa (we'll let you know after our designer and coder finish arm wrestling to determine that), but regardless, anyone with a Gaming Union account (of course they're free, work with our forums, you can register here now) can now comment on any news story, post, or update we publish on the front end of KingdomHeartsUnion.com. Better yet, all those news stories, posts, and updates are also in our forums at GamingUnion.net, so whether you comment on a story from KingdomHeartsUnion.com, or from the GamingUnion.net forums, all the comments are tied into a single conversation.

For example, I might comment that the just-announced Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded for the Nintendo DS is sweet news, via KingdomHeartsUnion.com's comments system. My comment will then show up under the news story, as well as in the forums. Someone on the forums may see my comment there, and reply stating that they think it should be for the PSP and not the DS, and I'll be able to see their comment on KingdomHeartsUnion.com. It's a great comments system, and all counts towards your post count too!

We're also rolling out our new daily content schedule beginning tomorrow, so make sure to check back daily for all our exciting news and community coverage, we have a lot of fun stuff planned! Not to mention, the Gaming Union team is heading to E3 2010 (leaving tomorrow, gulp!), which includes me, so look out for all our coverage of Kingdom Hearts at E3. We'll be at all the pre-E3 press conferences, as well as the Square Enix booth, so you can look forward to our impressions of Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, and any other Kingdom Hearts announcements. For the Kingdom Hearts Union team we've brought on a fantastic new staff line-up, so also make sure to say hello to Kelly, Rich, Jon, Samantha, Margarita, Cam, Zak, Alex, and Francesca! Of course, the senior staff still includes Nick, Mike, Colin, Shawn, Darryl, and myself, and podcasters Lauren, Fozzie, and Marina. We have quite the team!

A huge special thanks and hats off to Shawn, for going above and beyond recoding the site plus all the new features; to Colin for crafting the awesome new layout; to Darryl for co-managing the relaunch with me; to Jordan Douglas of the Gaming Union staff, for helping port over all our game content; and to the Kingdom Hearts Union and Gaming Union team members who also helped out! We all hope you enjoy the new site, and if you have any feedback, we're happy to see it.