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Hottest Weekly Community Discussion: June 13, 2010

COMMUNITY By Samantha Jun 13, 2010 at 7:09pm (EST)

Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Union Hottest Weekly Community Discussion! Here we're going to mention a bit of the Kingdom Hearts buzz going on in the forums. With everything from new game rumours, to loving (or sometimes disliking) the characters of Kingdom Hearts, be sure to check it out!

Thread: Kingdom Hearts Recoded?
Author: Eli5046

Previously played in Japan on your cell phone, and heading into English (so says our new voice actor for Jiminy, Phil Snyder): That's right, it's the next Kingdom Hearts game! Are you up for another side story instalment? Maybe excited or disappointed it's bound for the DS? Let the people of KHU know what you think!

Thread: Worlds
Author: vikkiangel

When it comes to the worlds of Kingdom Hearts, we all have our favourites, and ones we would rather do without. This member would like to know, "which one would you pick to live in?" And, even better, which world would you create? We're all curious, so drop by this discussion and take some time to share your thoughts!

Thread: Who is your LEAST favorite Kingdom Hearts character?
Author: stormy legacy

Deep down, everyone has their least favourite character from KH, whether it happens to be a villain or even one of the heroes. Is it that annoying catch phrase, or maybe just their personality? Who gets on your nerves? Go ahead, share with us...you know you want to.