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12 Fun Facts To Celebrate 12 Years Of Kingdom Hearts

FEATURES By Fozzie Mar 28, 2014 at 9:00am (EST)

Can hardly believe that Kingdom Hearts is now celebrating its 12th anniversary. It seems like only yesterday, we were celebrating its 10th!

In honor of the occasion, we're giving you 12 fun facts to celebrate this wonderful game that has brought many of us so much joy over the years.

1. It All Started When...

According to legend, Disney and Squaresoft at one point worked in the same building. Shinji Hashimoto, Kingdom Hearts' future producer, got the idea for a Disney/Squaresoft crossover title after chatting with a Disney executive in an elevator.

2. Bye bye Squaresoft.

The first Kingdom Haerts game was the last game released with the old Squaresoft logo before the company switched over to Square Enix in 2013.

3. His name was Kurt Zisa.

You may have thought that Kurt Zisa was a pretty random name for a boss in Kingdom Hearts. Well, it actually was named after a real person who won a contest to get their name put into Kingdom Hearts. Pretty sweet deal, right?

4. Give me an M.

Apparently the original game was supposed to consist of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as the main trio with Mickey as the protagonist. This was changed when Square insisted that the main character be human.

5. Go Ask Alice.

There's a small scene after "Deep Jungle" which features the group of Disney villains. If you've already beaten the Wonderland world, Alice will appear in this scene. If you haven't, Snow White will appear instead.

6. Ansem Wasn't Supposed To Exist.

Originally, the game was supposed to have Malificent as its main progtagonist which is evident from the earlier scenes featuring her as the "head" of the Disney villains. Ansem's role was added later in development.

7. King of the Castle.

As featured in the game's original Jump Festa trailer, Mickey's Castle was supposed to have been a world that Sora could travel to.

8. Sora, You've Changed.

According to Tetsuya Nomura's early sketches, Sora was supposed to look more like a lion/human type character and had a sort of chainsaw looking weapon.

9. Disney Says No To Swords.

Despite the fact that some of the Disney Princes wield swords (ahem Prince Phillip), Disney did not want Sora to wield one, hence the keyblade.

10. Got The Moves Like Mickey.

Sora's trousers, shoes, and jacket in the first Kingdom Hearts bears a strong resemblance to Mickey Mouse's traditional costume.

11. Ariel Is Not A Princess Of Heart

Ariel was not chosen as a princess of heart due to lack of time which meant that Alice from Alice in Wonderland was chosen instead. This caused a lot of outrage amongst Little Mermaid fans.

12. The World With No Keyhole.

Of all the worlds in the first Kingdom Hearts, Monstro is the only one without a keyhole.

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