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An Insider's Look At Kingdom Hearts Chi's 1st Anniversary Event Part 1

FEATURES By ysabellerocks Jul 28, 2014 at 7:57am (EST)

It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year since the browser game Kingdom Hearts χ [Chi] came out! Much like in Chain of Memories players use cards to battle, playing as their own avatar character during the Keyblade War. It seems like only yesterday that I received my keyblade and chose a faction. To help celebrate the milestone the 1st Anniversary Event is running from 17th July to 14th August.

It’s pretty impossible for players not to realise as upon logging on you’re greeted by balloons, confetti and a large banner proudly proclaiming the anniversary. It’s a really cute touch and really helps to get players excited; my favourite is the Meow Wow balloon near the bottom left. There are also special limited log-in bonuses for playing the game every day. These vary from Raise Tickets, which allow players to draw a rare card, to SR+ cards (the rarest card class) featuring the main characters.

main page

Onto the actual event: for the first time Donald and Goofy appear as characters within the game! They’ve become stranded in a new area of Daybreak Town, a world exclusive to Chi, and need to build the Gummi Ship to get back home. However, they have no weapons with them (wow I’ve missed their incompetence) and thus require the player to help them. To continue the story players need to complete story missions by collecting Gummi Blocks- this is done by defeating the special Gummi Block Heartless that have appeared around the game’s worlds.

At the moment there are several kinds of new heartless to fight: lvl 22/lvl 333 Gummi Block Thrusters, lvl 222 Colourful Gummi Hammers and Purple Gummi Hounds. The first two kinds appear around the worlds as standard heartless but the Purple Gummi Hound appears as the Raid Boss Subspecies, a rare large heartless players work in teams to defeat. My favourite design has to be the Colourful Gummi Hammer- it looks like some kind of weird Gummi mecha piloted by Shadows. When defeated the heartless drop different coloured Gummi Blocks meaning lots of heartless need to be defeated to follow the story.
colourful gummi hammer

Gummi Blocks don’t just help the story progress though- they can also be spent in a special event store which sells everything from boosted SR+ cards, Potions to restore AP and rare Yen Sid cards which help make cards more powerful. New items are added throughout the event and I just bought the newly added Chip and Dale themed costumes for my avatar- complete with chipmunk ears and wagging tails! For a cool 20,000 Gummi Blocks players can buy a Sora Final Form SR+ card but trying to save up all those blocks without splurging on cheaper items is definitely testing me.

dale costume chip costume

The story only goes to part 3-1 at this point of the event and so far Donald and Goofy have managed to create a Gummi Car and a Gummi Boat and Donald’s infamous anger at the failure has had him attempting to tear poor Goofy’s engineering apart. The event’s character list has three empty spaces and King Mickey was teased in silhouette when the event was announced so hopefully he’ll make an appearance soon- Donald and Goofy may need the King’s help looking at these previous attempts to build a Gummi Ship. For those wondering about how this fits into the canon, Chi is largely non-canonical so don’t stress for too long trying to fit these events into the (already too complicated) timeline!

gummi boat

Although the event can get pretty dreary with the repetition it’s worth defeating all those heartless to see Donald and Goofy make an appearance in the adorable Chi art style, not to mention buying lots of goodies at the event store. Hopefully new updates to the event will bring King Mickey, some more new heartless and more adorable costumes for my avatar. Of course, the story needs to update soon too- I know I’m not the only one eagerly awaiting Donald and Goofy’s next attempt to build a Gummi Ship!

Kingdom Hearts χ [Chi] is free to play and currently running a New Players Welcome Campaign, giving new players double experience points and rare items upon levelling up making this the ideal time to start playing! For those interested the game can be found at http://web.kingdomhearts.jp/

Story and Images by Ysabellerocks on Twitter!

You can check out more screenshots below: