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An Insider's Look At Kingdom Hearts Chi's 1st Anniversary Event Part 2

FEATURES By ysabellerocks Aug 04, 2014 at 6:05am (EST)

The 1st Anniversary Event currently taking place in Kingdom Hearts χ [Chi] is already halfway through and this means the festivities have continued with brand new content for players to explore. Following on from part 1 there is now more Heartless, new areas, and the event’s continuing storyline!

gummi ship

Until now the event concentrated mainly on collecting Gummi Blocks for Donald and Goofy and this lead to a lot of tedious grinding of the special gummi Heartless. Although the story missions remain mostly the same, with players to collecting certain amounts of different coloured blocks; a new kind of block has been introduced called a core part. These can only be collected from a new event Heartless called the Black Gummi Thruster which appear at lvl 55 or lvl 555. The lvl 555 ones hit really hard and their defense is way high, making them the first event Heartless I’m unable to easily defeat! This means I’ve been stuck defeating the lvl 55 ones to collect these new core parts but, as these drop considerably less blocks when defeated, progress has been slow.

blach gummi thruster

The Black Gummi Thruster is not the only new Heartless on the scene as a new lvl 666 variety of the Colourful Gummi Hammer has appeared. However, everyone has turned to fighting the Gummi raid boss to farm their blocks, as certain times in the day give 10x the amount of blocks, allowing many to be collected in a short amount of time. In fact, this method of collecting blocks became so popular that great numbers of players were attempting to fight the same boss at once, resulting in lag and attacks seemingly not taking effect. Luckily players were compensated for this with 5 boosters each, items which temporarily increase the number of blocks dropped.

new shop

The event store also updated, introducing lots of cool new items to waste gummi blocks on. The highlight was definitely the Kingdom Hearts 2 King Mickey costume which costs 20,000 blocks. As the only other King Mickey costume available in Chi costs around £60 of real money this one was really a must buy! Another item that definitely peaked a lot of players’ interest was the SR+ card Key Art #15. Key Art cards are the most powerful cards in the game and usually require players to drop large amounts of real money to buy so being able to get one for 30,000 blocks during this event is a great opportunity- it’s just a shame the price jumps to 120,000 blocks after buying one.


More areas opened up in Daybreak Town and it was in one of these that the story continued. My character went to defeat some of the Heartless near the new marketplace. Upon leaving, I was surrounded on all sides by Wizard Heartless- all moving in to strike! However, suddenly from the heavens descended a great light and all the Heartless were vanquished! My savior was none other than the magnificent King Mickey himself who had come to find Donald and Goofy. He thanked my character for helping them out and introduced himself but, although the King is pretty awesome, he’s not really any good at building a Gummi Ship either!


Luckily Chip and Dale tagged along and I was able to show them to Donald and Goofy’s awful Gummi Boat which they thought was pretty cool (I guess someone has to). After winding Donald up they were quickly able to fashion the blocks into the Gummi Ship we all know and love and, with my help at collecting lots of blocks, say it is completed! Left behind in the marketplace during these events, King Mickey shared words with a mysterious figure stood on the rooftops, clad in a black outfit. Their identity remains a mystery but hopefully it’s revealed before the end of the event!


The new story isn't the last thing to discuss, as the Hall of Fame players have been announced! The stats of all players over the entirety of their time playing were tallied up and those who ranked in the top 10 of each category receive lots of cool items in game and one real life item- an autographed postcard by Tetsuya Nomura! The categories were for all kinds of stuff, from the number of missions completed to the number of times posting in the comments! Despite having played since the open beta , I've only posted comments around 20 times, nowhere near the 35,687 times the player who came first did!

bashful look

To be honest this new update has made the event for me. The silly interactions between the Disney characters helped remind me of what first caused me to fall in love with the series, which is really fitting for an anniversary event! Hopefully other players are enjoying this event as much as I am and are also really looking forward to the next update!

teasing donald

Kingdom Hearts χ [Chi] is free to play and currently running a New Players Welcome Campaign, giving new players double experience points and rare items upon leveling up making this the ideal time to start playing! For those interested the game can be found at http://web.kingdomhearts.jp/

Story and Images by Ysabellerocks on Twitter!

You can check out more screenshots below: