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An Insider's Look At Kingdom Hearts Chi's 1st Anniversary Event Part 3

FEATURES By ysabellerocks Aug 19, 2014 at 10:36am (EST)

The 14th has come and passed, and with it the Kingdom Hearts χ [Chi] 1st Anniversary event has come to an end. Throughout part 1 and part 2 we’ve seen lots of exciting new content and this final chapter brings with it the closure to the event’s storyline.


Previously Donald and Goofy were stuck in Daybreak Town and attempting to build a Gummi Ship to get back home. Of course, as with most things their efforts were pretty fruitless so it was pretty lucky King Mickey turned up with Chip and Dale in tow; they got a Gummi Ship built in no time whatsoever. It looks like working with Gummi Blocks is something best left to the experts!

bye mickey

To finish off the event players were treated to a lovely cutscene where Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale got into the ship and prepared to launch. It took a horrific amount of time for Chip to realise their leader and friend King Mickey was nowhere to be seen- but luckily he showed up just in time, showing off and doing a cool front flip into the ship. I have to admit it was a pretty sweet moment seeing those guys fly away, slowly becoming another sparkle in the sky, especially as it was thanks to all the Gummi Blocks I collected that they were able to make it back! A cute touch was that, once everything had cleared, the Moogle from the event trade store built his own Moogle shaped Gummi Ship so he could sell his wares in other worlds.

gummiship2 copy

Speaking of Gummi Blocks, it was definitely a challenge for me to collect them near the end of the event as I found myself pretty limited in the amount of times I could attack the special Gummi raid boss. Ethers are required to restore BP which are used to attack the Raid Boss and unfortunately I found my supply running very low. Luckily, by this point of the event I had enough blocks to buy all the things I was interested in from the event shop- I was able to level all the event cards I liked to their best forms, replenish my stock of Yen Sid cards which help make cards more powerful and pick up all the skills I was interested in.

key cards reward

Since I wasn’t too fussed about collecting Gummi Blocks anymore I mainly concentrated on fighting Fat Bandit Heartless for the remainder of the event. These usually give around 300 EXP but , during the event, all exp was doubled making this a cool 600 EXP per Heartless. The upside to fighting these was that I gained around 30 levels during the event! There was a downside however- as I wasn’t gaining anymore Gummi Blocks I found myself slowly dropping down the event ranking list.

gummi avatar reward

The amount of Gummi Blocks each player collected was tallied up throughout the event, creating the event ranking list. The players who collect the most blocks are rewarded with lots of cool gifts, like the powerful Key Art #19 SR+ card, lots of Mog Medals for buying items and a super cool looking Gummi inspired outfit for their avatar! I ranked in the top 3,000 for the majority of the event, the last tier rewarding the cool Gummi outfit, but upon the end of the event I found myself pushed out into the top 5,000 tier. This will still net me 200 Mog Medals and the Key Scene #4 card, which features King Mickey summoning his keyblade against Riku from 358/2 Days. I adore that scene and already have the event King Mickey outfit, so I’m not too disappointed about missing out!

moogle ship

Upon logging onto Chi the day the event ended I found myself missing the endless confetti that once rained down, leaving the sky dark and foreboding. There was no raise ticket or SR+ card waiting for me in my present box. Certain areas seemed so empty without the presence of Gummi Heartless and the Daybreak Town outskirts have completely disappeared from the World Map. As always it will take some getting used to Chi without the presence of major event again, especially this one which brought some of my favourite Disney characters to the game. Hopefully King Mickey and friends will show up in Chi again one day but until then it’s back to regular playing.

mickey outfit

Kingdom Hearts χ [Chi] is free to play and currently running a New Players Welcome Campaign, giving new players double experience points and rare items upon leveling up making this the ideal time to start playing! For those interested the game can be found here.

Story and Images by Ysabellerocks on Twitter!

You can check out more screenshots below: