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Kingdom Hearts 3: Disney World Predictions

FEATURES By Fozzie Sep 05, 2014 at 8:46am (EST)

The Disney universe is vast and, although we know there will be new worlds to explore based off some of these properties, there's simply too many out there for them all to be featured in game. We've tried to narrow potential worlds down and these are the top 15, divided into new worlds, revisited worlds and personal choice.



It's not even really fair to call this one a prediction cause it's already pretty obvious it'll be in KH3 in some shape or form. With Yasue's inability to not mention it in any interview, the films' sales in Japan and everyone still bursting out into spontaneous renditions of 'Let it Go' – it's pretty obvious Frozen is Disney's latest cash cow. Yasue has suggested he'd like to make it into a rhythm game which is getting no objections from me, although I think those who detested Atlantica in KH2 and Ice Cream Beat from Birth By Sleep may have differing opinions.


Toy Story
This wouldn't be the first game in the series Toy Story was considered for- half completed assets for a Woody and Buzz summon can be found in KH2 Final Mix, although this was cut before release. Kingdom Hearts 3 may not be releasing for many years to come, but this doesn't mean we can't start looking forward to what may come. With Pixar's place amongst Disney now cemented it'll be interesting to see if they decide to try implementing Toy Story as its own world. Sora and co already have figures in real life, so it'd be really fun to see Sora appearing as his real life Play Arts Kai to blend in with the other toys in the world!


It's a lot easier to create 3D models for characters which already appear in 3D than those from older 2D films so it wouldn't be out of the question to see more worlds based off more recently films such as Brave. Princess Merida would be a perfect fit for the series and it'd be fun to see her interact with fellow redheaded princess Kairi! Even if the film doesn't make the cut as a world a summon based off Harris, Hubert and Hamish, her younger brothers, in their bear forms would be cool.


Big Hero 6
I am firmly in camp ‘no Marvel or Star Wars in KH3' but even I can make an exception for Big Hero 6- or maybe a Lightsaber keyblade. The artstyle for the upcoming film version is very Disney-esque and takes place in Fransokyo, a cross between San Francisco and Tokyo. It follows a team of superheroes much more suited to the Kingdom Hearts universe than the Avengers and looks set to be a big hit. If we have to have Marvel in an upcoming game this is certainly the best way to go!


Jungle Book
Jungle Book is a world that almost made it into several past titles and it got so far in Birth By Sleep that whole areas of the scrapped world can be found via cheat codes. It's uncertain as to why it keeps getting cut but if it's due to technical issues there's no better systems than the PS4 and Xbox One to bring it life with! I'm not that sure on what they could do with the story but it'd certainly be fun to see Donald fall victim to Kaa's hypnotic gaze- maybe he could hypnotize him to not be completely useless in battles?



Lilo and Stitch
We've seen a lot of Stitch in Kingdom Hearts, with a summon in KH2 that even appears in cutscenes and an entire world, Deep Space, in Birth by Sleep. What we haven't seen yet is the Lilo part of the title. Ohana means family so why are we only ever seeing Stitch on his lonesome? A world set in Hawaii, based off the original film would be amazing. Pleakley definitely needs to appear in a Kingdom Hearts game either way after they cut him, basically the best character, from Birth by Sleep. Sora would feel right at home on another beach themed world and perhaps he could even show off his surfing skills in a minigame? There is so much potential to be explored here and it would be perfect for KH3.


Pirates of the Caribbean
We already saw Port Royal in KH2 and the merging of its gritty real life characters and Sora, Donald and Goofy kind of worked but also felt a bit off, even with adaptions to the interface. It also suffered for gimmicky world mechanics, such as only being able to damage the pirates in the moonlight, which got frustrating pretty quickly. The plots of POTC 2/3 won't really work in Kingdom Hearts since they centre around finding a key to unlock a chest, and since the keyblade unlocks anything they certainly wouldn't be searching for long! The release of KH3 is likely to coincide with the release of the fifth film in the series, so it's possible it would be included for marketing purposes. It'd be interesting to see what they can do with real life films with the next gen technology either way!


Lion King
Lion King is Nomura's favourite film and he attempting to put it into the series as early as KH1, with technical limitations being the only thing stopping him. He even attempted to make Sora part lion in his original concept so I certainly wouldn't put it past him attempting to put Lion Sora into the series once more. Lion King, like many Disney films before it, suffered many sequels which really aren't that good (sorry but it's true) so there is certainly plot to explore. Pride Lands didn't strictly follow the plot to the original Lion King anyway so it's not even like they couldn't just make plot up. All I know is that Nomura has an unhealthy obsession with Lions and Lion Sora may pop up in some shape or form.


Disney Princess worlds
There are 7 Princesses of Pure Heart in the series and all of their worlds have been explored already. It's pretty obvious we'll see Kairi's world, Radiant Garden, again and if I have to play through Wonderland or Agrabah again I will lose it- but what of the other worlds? I think it's safe to rule out Beast's Castle, which has already appeared in KH2 and 358/2 Days, but those that have solely appeared in Birth By Sleep would be fun to explore again. That'd leave 3 worlds, Castle of Dreams, Enchanted Dominion and Dwarf Woodlands to explore, which wouldn't be a bad turnout. It just depends on whether they can come up with a decent story for each one- I wouldn't say no to Cinderella: A Twist in Time for source material.


Who puts the glad in gladiator? Wow. I'm trying to think of Kingdom Hearts games without Olympus Coliseum and all I'm coming up with is Dream Drop Distance. It's the best world to use as a base for tournaments and I can see it returning just for that reason. It's never really gotten that dull, despite its inclusion in pretty much everything Kingdom Hearts related, and I just really want to see it return so Phil can finally name Sora and co true heroes. Come on, it's been a decade Phil, Sora's saved the worlds way too many times to remain a junior hero!



Now, Fantasia is my favourite Disney film of all time and I'm also a massive fan of rhythm games so this is probably the most biased one yet but hear me out. Fantasia previously appeared as Symphony of Sorcery as recently as Dream Drop Distance but it barely scratched the surface of the film. They also decided against featuring Fantasia 2000 as well for Riku's part of the world, so there is plenty of content left to explore. They could have separate areas for Sora, Donald and Goofy, Riku and King Mickey, and even Kairi and Lea, and still have source material left over. If they really do want to feature a rhythm game world in KH3 this would be the ideal one to choose, especially as the rhythm aspects were rather lacking in Dream Drop Distance. All in all Fantasia is the best and Symphony of Sorcery is the best and it returning in KH3 would also be the best. Fact.


The Great Mouse Detective
I'm not going to lie, this idea originated from a dumb idea I had about King Mickey meeting mouse Queen Victoria from this film and thinking that'd be funny. Sherlock Holmes is seemingly everywhere at the moment so it's possible Kingdom Hearts will join the trend and feature everyone's favourite mouse detective Basil. Literally almost everyone in this film is a mouse so it's possible Sora and co would turn into mice to blend in which'd be comical- excepting the King of course! Either way seeing Basil pulling impossible deductions off, like revealing Sora is from another world, would be fun to see in game!


Disney Original Shorts
Timeless River is my favourite Kingdom Hearts world. The music, the art style, the story- it's simply unbeatable for me despite its simplicity compared to other worlds. The world of Disney shorts is one sadly ignored by a lot of Kingdom Hearts lore, and if you want to play a game based off these Epic Mickey is probably your best bet until KH3 releases with the triumphant return of Timeless River with focus on lots more shorts. Well, that's what I'm hoping for anyway. It's fun to explore newer worlds but these shorts are where Mickey, Donald and Goofy first appeared and exploring their origins would really pay tribute. To be honest, some fleshing out of King Mickey's history really wouldn't go amiss either, since trying to piece it together from all the worlds he's appeared in is near impossible at the moment!


Disney Theme Parks
It's already been shown that KH3 is exploring the Disney theme parks through special attacks and I thought that was pretty cool! Then I visited a Disney park for the first time ever the other month, Disneyland Paris at the ripe age of 21 ( I had a deprived childhood), and realised how much more there was to it than just the rides. Everywhere I turned was Disney, which is kinda evident from the name, but being able to see real life Agrabah and real life Sleeping Beauty's Castle at the same time made me think that maybe this was what the worlds used to look like before they were separated? Seeing all the world merged together, not with darkness as we saw in the End of the World, but as they originally were would be really interesting and, even if it's just a flashback, I would really like to see that implemented in KH3.

What worlds do you think are going to appear in Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you feel they'll concentrate on adding new worlds as with Dream Drop Distance or revisit older worlds yet again? Would you prefer to see worlds based off newer films such as Rapunzel rather than classic films like Bambi? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments!

Story and Images by Ysabellerocks on Twitter!