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Square Enix IPs We'd Love To Appear In Future Kingdom Hearts Games

FEATURES By ysabellerocks Oct 07, 2014 at 8:06am (EST)

Although the Disney elements of Kingdom Hearts regularly take center stage, characters from Square Enix properties have always had a history with the series- most notably Final Fantasy. What new characters from past Final Fantasy titles will make the cut for Kingdom Hearts 3 and which other Square Enix games may appear?


Final Fantasy

There haven't been any new Final Fantasy characters introduced to the series since the release of Birth By Sleep in 2010, where Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII appeared in Olympus Coliseum. Nomura has said he doesn't like to mess with characters he didn't create, with Vivi in Kingdom Hearts 2 being the lone acceptation to the rule, but with so many belts and zippers already in the series maybe it’s time he started looking back to earlier titles? But, with Lightning already crossing the boundaries of FF titles to appear in Final Fantasy XIV, it seems almost impossible for her not to make an appearance which is good or bad thing depending on your Lightning tolerance levels.

I think with Final Fantasy characters it purely comes down to personal preference when everyone starts guessing who will appear. As I have a thing for thieves I’d love it if Zidane from FFIX, Balthier from FFXII and Locke from Final Fantasy VI could show up in KH3. I know I’m not the only person very disappointed that Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII was cut from Birth By Sleep, so he would be a cool addition too.


The World Ends with You

TWEWY is simply one of the best Nintendo DS games out there and it was such a shock when Neku was announced to appear in Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, followed closely by the rest of the main cast. It marked the first, and hopefully not the last, appearance of non-Final Fantasy cameo characters in the series. It was so cool to hang out with the TWEWY cast again and see a new story, especially since it had been practically ignored for so long. Neku smiled “See you in Shibuya” to Sora as they said farewell which suggests something else could be in the works for TWEWY in Kingdom Hearts 3- maybe even its own world? Riku and King Mickey would make great partners in the game and to see Neku and co in HD would be a dream come true!


Bravely Default

Bravely Default is Square Enix's latest hit RPG and it already has a large fanbase both within and outside Japan. Interestingly, a crossover campaign was announced for browser game Kingdom hearts x [Chi], allowing players to get an avatar costume of the character Ivybeth Blige from the browser game Bravely Default: Praying Brage. Could this just be a marketing ploy to get more players to play both games or could this be a sign of things to come? I’m pretty behind on playing Bravely Default and am only just working through it now (it’s so long!) but already I’m finding myself hoping Ringabel at least will make an appearance in KH3. It’d certainly be interesting to see more characters from other series appearing in the game at least!


Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is a series which has been neglected outside of Japan- despite a large fan base it seems every localisation has to be fought for. The Final Fantasy mascot Moogle has been a staple of the KH series since the beginning but what about the Dragon Quest mascot Slime? Popular enough to have a spinoff series, the Slime monster has incredible levels of popularity. Even if characters from Dragon Quest never make it into KH surely the Slime would make a pretty cool boss enemy!


Chrono Trigger

We all thought Nomura couldn’t make KH anymore confusing- then he introduced time travel to the series. Luckily, this opens the door for Chrono Trigger, the classic RPG which features a band of adventurers travelling through time to save the world. By far the coolest of these characters is Frog, a young man turned into, you guessed it, a frog. Frog wields a sword and would actually fit in pretty well with the other anthropomorphic animal Disney characters. The other characters are just as diverse and interesting too, from Robo the robot to Lucca the genius. If Square Enix is considering looking back to older games for cameo characters Chrono Trigger is certainly where they should begin.



This sounds like a joke but if we can consider Star Wars and Marvel why can’t we consider the Eidos games? Lara Croft would be perfect as a smaller cameo character like Setzer in KH2 and she could even make a cool party member. With worlds based off Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron previously appearing in the series it’s not like the realistic style of the new Tomb Raider games would be out of place either. Garrett from Thief would also be an interesting choice if they choose to go in this direction.

What would be your thoughts on Eidos characters entering the franchise? Which Final Fantasy characters would you like to see in KH3? Are they any other Square Enix characters you’d love to see featured? Let us hear your thoughts!

Story and Images by Ysabellerocks on Twitter!