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Top 5 moments in Kingdom Hearts X Chi

FEATURES By ysabellerocks Feb 17, 2015 at 4:16am (EST)

The Japan exclusive browser game Kingdom Hearts Chi has been running for over a year now. As the story has evolved the games connection to Kingdom Hearts III has never been stronger but what are the top 5 moments in the game so far?

Warning- this will contain spoilers for the story so far.


The Tome of Prophecy

The Foretellers are a group of five who are working to save the future told in a tome of prophecy given to them by their master. Each Foreteller leads one of the Unions players are part of and works independently. All this is to gather light fragments and stop the future told from occurring. The future told is that the world will fall to darkness and light will be eradicated in Xehanort’s final battle. This was the first time the game connected to Kingdom Hearts 3 but it is clear that this is not the only revelation to come.


End of Dwarf Woodlands

The Dwarf Woodlands was the first world available in game and the first world to finish its story. The Evil Queen poisoned Snow White and fled to the mountains where she called upon the heartless Witch Bomber. This was an Emblem Heartless resembling her elderly woman disguise. A lvl 444 enemy, the Witch Bomber’s main attack was to fling bombs resembling poisoned apples at the player. Although it took effort to take down it's hard to forget the satisfaction felt when it fell!


Fighting Cloud

The Final Fantasy characters had appeared on some cards used to fight in game but this marked Cloud's first appearance in game. Much like in the original Kingdom Hearts, Cloud takes on his original outfit and was fought in the Olympus Coliseum. After several updates of fighting waves of Heartless in the Coliseum his appearance was welcome. Well, at least until the battle! With a silly amount of HP and powerful attacks Cloud was enough to make a player weep with frustration. Seeing him in the Chi art style was definitely worth the aggravation in the end!


The 1st Anniversary Event

To celebrate one year of the game a month long anniversary event was prepared which we previously covered in detail. This featured Disney characters closer to our hearts than the ones in game so far: Donald, Goofy and King Mickey himself! The story had the player helping to fix their Gummi Ship by taking down special Gummi themed heartless. The event was really fun and the goodies available for those taking part were the icing on top of the cake. It’s hard to think of an event they could prepare for the 2nd Anniversary which could top seeing King Mickey!


Meeting Ephemera

Although the player occasionally sees other Keyblade wielders in game, this marked the first time another player was actually met. Although Ephemera is a part of an opposing Union he becomes friends with the player as they work together to uncover the truth behind mysterious dreams. He reveals that all the worlds other than Daybreak Town have been illusions produced by the Tome of Prophecy. Although he eventually leaves the player to go forward alone, his departure set up a cutscene with another reveal- the player's catlike companion, Chirithy, is a Dream Eater. The more revealed the more mysteries develop and Ephemera’s appearance looks to have made things all that more interesting.

It’s hard to predict what else could be coming to shake up the story of Kingdom Hearts Chi and the connection between it and Kingdom Hearts 3 is stronger than ever. Have you been playing Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] or have you been hoping for an English release? Which moments have been your favourite and what do you want to see in future updates?

Story by Ysabellerocks on Twitter!