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What Does The Future Hold For Kingdom Hearts?

FEATURES By ysabellerocks Jun 05, 2015 at 7:52am (EST)

E3 is on the horizon and, although Kingdom Hearts 3 is not confirmed to appear, we definitely know D23 will bring us new information at least. However, what kind of other Kingdom Hearts games could we see announced in the near future?

Kingdom Hearts HD for PS4 and XB1

Almost the entire series is now available remastered in HD for PS3 and it’s been great to relive those memories! With KH3 appearing on PS4 and XB1 however, it may be possible for another rerelease on those platforms. We’ve already seen Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD get a PS4 remaster on top of the PS3 and Vita release so it’s not like there isn’t precedent. It’d certainly be great to see Sora and the gang on the PS4 while we wait for KH3!

Kingdom Hearts 3D HD

Almost the entire series is now available remastered in HD. Almost. A major title missing is the most recent in the storyline, Kingdom Hearts 3D. Following Sora and Riku as they take their Mark of Mastery exam, KH3D will lead directly into KH3. It makes sense to let fans who have only played the HD remakes to play this title too!

Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm

Two major Square Enix games were missing from the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call DLC: Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. As Dragon Quest Theatrhythm has already released in Japan, does this mean Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm is on the horizon or is there just copyright issues with Disney? I know I’m certainly praying for a true Kingdom Hearts rhythm game to finally happen.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [Chi]

We know khx is finally being released for mobile and will be localised. However, we hardly know any details about the remake nor have a release date for the English release. It’d be great to learn more about the changes made from the browser title too. This is certainly a title to look out for during Square Enix’s E3 conference this year.

Kingdom Hearts Smartphone Title

Just because Unchained X is a thing doesn’t mean there won’t be more smartphone titles in development. The Kingdom Hearts series has a bit of a history on mobile and it’d be interesting to see what other titles could release. Could there be another social app like Kingdom Hearts Mobile or a full game like Coded? We know a Disney developed smartphone game was recently cancelled so there could well be other Disney developed titles in development.

Whatever is on the way it’ll be worth looking forwards to and who knows? Maybe the ever elusive KH3 will appear against the odds! What do you think we’ll see at E3?