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Everything We Learned From E3 2015 About Kingdom Hearts

FEATURES By Fozzie Jun 21, 2015 at 3:45pm (EST)

Before the show, Square Enix didn't really seem too set on providing us with much at this year's E3 with regards to Kingdom Hearts. Although director Tetsuya Nomura stated that more Kingdom Hearts III information would come out of this year's D23 Japan Expo, it definitely didn't seem as though we'd be getting anything new from him at E3 2015.

Square Enix then proceeded to once again pulled the rug from underneath us and gave us not only a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, but also a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. Nomura was also ready to detail a lot more information about both games, so without further ado, here's all of the need to know information from E3 2015 on Kingdom Hearts titles.

Kingdom Hearts 3

So first off, we have the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III which features a bunch of new content including an interesting little opening with what looks like a young Xehanort (who is being played by returning cast member Ben Diskin) and young Eraqus playing chess.

Sora's new costume was also on display as we got to experience some gameplay footage in the newly announced Tangled world. Further to this, plenty of additional information was shown, including what looks like a Pegasus Chariot summon from Hercules and more Disney rides that will be featured in the game.

The Disney rides have actually be confirmed as being a part of the game's new "Attraction Flow" mechanic. These will apparently occur when certain conditions in battle are met, so when you see Sora in the video riding tea cups or Peter Pan's pirate ship, these are actually apart of this mechanic and there are plans to add quite a few.

During our roundtable discussion with Nomura at E3 2015, he stated, "We revealed a new Attraction Flow in the latest trailer based off of the Mad Tea Party with Sora, Donald and Goofy spinning around in teacups, but I was actually very surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback from the Western fans for them, as they are not as flashy as the other rides." No word on how these can be unlocked within the game, but we'll keep you posted once we learn more.

Sora's keyblade transformations are looking absolutely stellar and definitely seem to be a big component for the game's fighting style. Reaction Commands during boss battles have been taken out this game in favor of making the game more challenging. Free-running is also something that was explored in previous Kingdom Hearts titles and will now be a major part of the gameplay. You can see some of this in the trailer with Sora running up walls, but Nomura has also stated that players will be able to connect techniques together making for some interesting combinations. Not only that, you will now have moves you can perform alongside Donald and Goofy. Although as if that were to make the game easier, Nomura also stated that the AI will be able to perform these types of assisted moves as well, so it'll definitely be a step up in difficulty compared to the previous games.

Magic has also been stepped up in this game. Whereas in previous titles you would cast magic and it would just affect the enemies, now you will be able to cast spells and have it affect the world around you. Spells like Aero affect the ground causing the grass in the spell's radius to flutter much as it would if Sora was casting it in real life. Blizzard also seems to be able to react with Sora's flow abilities allowing you to travel around enemies faster by freezing the ground beneath you.

Nomura has also stated that they are working hard to have the worlds connect seamlessly. They hope to offer players bigger maps to explore, something which should help to reduce load screens. Nomura also mentioned that the game is in its advanced stages of development so hopefully this means we'll be seeing the game out a lot sooner than we thought. They also will be working closely with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Roy Conli (Producer of "Tangled") which is definitely exciting.

We'll keep you posted on any updates with Kingdom Hearts III. In the meantime, you can watch the latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer below:

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

There was a whole new trailer for Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, a mobile game which was recently announced for localization on iOS devices. This should be a great addition, as Kingdom Hearts X offers some story information that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise, well, unless you can read Japanese.

Nomura acknowledged the desire in the West for this game and even the fact that many in the West have already opened accounts for the Japanese version. Apparently there are some differences between the two versions, however, there isn't any confirmation on what these differences are just yet. Nomura has also confirmed that the Unchained X story line happens before the Keyblade War and that it will have characters that have not yet been revealed.

You can check out our list for the Top 5 moments in Kingdom Hearts X (Chi) for more information on what you have to look forward to.

Nomura also stated that fans should pay close attention to the dialogue in the word bubbles featured in the trailer which you can do below:

That's it for E3 2015. We'll keep you posted on all new Kingdom hearts information as it comes!