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5 Worlds We Want To See Again In Kingdom Hearts III

FEATURES By Mike Sousa Feb 20, 2016 at 10:07am (EST)

Disney worlds play a huge role in the Kingdom Hearts series, each having its own story and importance for the overall plot of each game. Some worlds have appeared in several Kingdom Hearts titles, and with Kingdom Hearts III around the corner, fans hope that the game features new Disney worlds instead of old ones. Although we agree with this idea, we also think that some worlds should be given another chance as they can add a lot of terms of gameplay and story. We now present to you five Disney worlds that we think that should return in Kingdom Hearts III.

1. Olympus Coliseum

We know that this world has already been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III, but we would like to point out why it should return. Olympus Coliseum brings a lot more to the table than any other Disney world in terms replay value and post-game challenges. The tournaments allows players to test their skills in ever-growing challenges against powerful enemies, including bosses. In addition, for Final Fantasy fans, Olympus Coliseum is always a welcomed addition due to the fact that there’s always a Final Fantasy character in this world.

2. Port Royal

Pirates of the Caribbean making a return in Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a good choice from a story perspective. In Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora and the rest of our heroes need to find the Key to return hearts and a way to save Aqua, something that could fit with the plot of the second and third movies of Pirates of the Caribbean. In the movies, Davy Jones's Locker is considered “a dimension to which souls claimed by the sea are sent”, an uncharted land no one knows nothing about. The mystery surrounding this place would serve as a motive for our heroes to join Jack Sparrow in order to find it as it could be tied to either the Key to return hearts or the realm of darkness.

3. Neverland

Another world that we think should return for story purposes. Peter Pan is character that will never grow up and uses his never-ending childhood to go on adventures with his friends. It’s hinted several times that he doesn’t see growing up as a good thing, even though he accepts it. Due to this, it would be interesting to see the interaction between him and Sora, as our hero went through so much since the events of the original Kingdom Hearts, but deep down he’s still the same old Sora. Another plot point that could be used for character development is the wooden Keyblade that Ven left behind in Neverland, as Sora could react with sadness upon seeing it, due to the fact that Ven’s heart is inside Sora. A situation that would be similar to Kingdom Hearts 3D when Sora shed tears after seeing Xion.

4. Space Paranoids

There are many reasons why Space Paranoids should return, not only due to its connection to Radiant Garden, a world of great importance in Kingdom Hearts, but also because of all the secrets that could lie in there. Ansem the Wise created that world for both his world's town maintenance and for his personal research. Even though Ansem ordered those experiments to stop, Xehanort (Terranort) continued that research, which means that all the information and results about the heart and the heartless lie somewhere in that world. This information, in turn, could be crucial to destroy the heartless once and for all.

5. 100 Acre Woods

The reason why this world should return can be described in one word: Mini-games. 100 Acre Woods is unique is comparison to all the other worlds in Kingdom Hearts. Instead of fighting heartless, nobodies, or any other kind of enemy, players are tasked with completing several mini-games. It’s always a fine addition, as you can always take a breather from all the fighting and the overall story, and emerge into a more relaxing side of the game. Even if you don’t like this world and its mini-games, the fact that it’s an optional world makes up for it.

Did you agree with out list? Is there any other Disney world you like to returns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.