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Square Enix Reveals Which PlayArts Kai Figures Fans Will Need To Purchase To Meet Nomura

NEWS By Fozzie Jul 24, 2014 at 6:03am (EST)

As mentioned previously, in order to meet Tetsuya Nomura at San Diego Comic Con, fans will need to purchase a PlayArts Kai figure from the Square Enix Merchandise booth. Square Enix has now shown the Kingdom Hearts PlayArts Kai selection that you can choose from to do so.

The following figures have been labelled Autograph Ticket Qualified:
> Sora "Dream Drop Distance" Version
> Riku "Dream Drop Distance" Version
> Sora "Tron" Version
> Riku "Tron" Version

The Final Fantasy Autograph Ticket Qualified PlayArts Kai can be found here.

These figures will cost $80 each incl. tax which is pretty standard when it comes to PlayArts Kai figures. Also considering that you'll be meeting the legendary Tetsuya Nomura as well, it makes the purchase well worth it.

You can check out the figure display below including two new prototypes for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX PlayArts Kai Sora and Roxas: