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Tetsuya Nomura Dispels Rumors Regarding Frozen In Kingdom Hearts III

NEWS By Fozzie Sep 24, 2014 at 5:43am (EST)

In an interview with Famitsu Magazine, director Tetsuya Nomura discussed some updates regarding the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole and dispelled some rumors that have been churned out in recent months.

Some foreign media outlets have stated that Frozen was in fact a world in Kingdom Hearts III. Nomura has now dispelled these rumors saying that a Frozen themed world has been neither been confirmed or denied.

Apparently the creation of the new worlds has been quite difficult for Square Enix, however, Nomura has stated that overall the development of Kingdom Hearts III has been going smoothly and that the team has now advanced into the scenario writing and world choosing stage and have begun designing Sora and Riku's new outfits. (If you haven't already, check out our Disney World Predictions for Kingdom Hearts III)

As Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX's release date draws nearer, Square Enix has stated that they are considering an HD remake for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance regardless of the fact that the game had only been released about a year ago. Square Enix have also stated that they're working hard to get the game out sooner rather than later.

Hopefully this means we'll be getting more information soon. Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Siliconera