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Happy Birthday To Composer Yoko Shimomura!

NEWS By Fozzie Oct 19, 2014 at 9:55am (EST)

Us at Kingdom Hearts Union would like to wish composer Yoko Shimomura a very happy 47th birthday.

Although many of you, being Kingdom Hearts fans, might know Shimomura mainly from her work on the Kingdom Hearts series, did you know that she was also the composer on Street Fighter II, Parasite Eve, and Xenoblade Chronicles?

Shimomura has had a steady career in video game composing starting in the late 80s. Her big break was when she landed a job composing music at Capcom, but before then she was lined up to become a piano instructor. Capcom had invited Shimomura to audition and interview for a composing job there and they offered her a position there and then. Her family and instructors apparently weren't overly happy with her choice, but now we can't think of how things would be without her presence in the game industry.

We hope Shimomura has a lovely birthday and can't wait to hear some of her work on Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III!

What's your favorite piece composed by Yoko Shimomura? Let us know in the comments below!