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Birth by Sleep May Be Delayed Due To Final Fantasy XIII

NEWS By Nelson Aug 26, 2009 at 11:00pm (EST)

In a recent interview with Famitsu Magazine, Nomura was asked about his thoughts regarding the release date for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. While the news isn't all doom and gloom it does seem that Final Fantasy XIII's release will impact their decision.

Final Fantasy XIII has had its schedule be subject to much debate, but Square Enix have stated that it will be launching this winter in Japan.

"We're trying to adjust it in relation to the release date of "FF XIII". In terms of actual development "FF XIII" has proceeded further, so "FF XIII" might be first. But I think we'll be able to let you play it without making you wait too long."

So essentially it appears as if they want to get Final Fantasy XIII out of the way first, and with Final Fantasy XIII's release date still being up in the air at this current time it does look like we're still going to be waiting a while before we see Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.