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Birth By Sleep To Resolve Many Kingdom Hearts Loose Ends

NEWS By Nelson Oct 01, 2009 at 11:00pm (EST)

In the latest edition of Famitsu magazine there has been yet another interview with Nomura regarding Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. A few bits of information are quite interesting.

Among some of this is the fact that worlds are transversed by something similar to Organization XIII's Corridor of Darkness as opposed to the other games using Gummi Ships. Nomura also hinted at some of the previous mysteries in Kingdom Heart's games finally being answered, however, he also want on to say;

"There will be a lot of mysteries answered. But there will also be many mysteries that will deepen, so because of that perhaps you could say they've increased."

This is quite interesting news, the back story to Kingdom Hearts should reveal a lot more meaning. However, it will be indeed nice to know they are also adding more mystery to the overall story, hopefully something that will be touched upon in future titles.