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Birth By Sleep Was Originally Planned For PS2

NEWS By Nick Feb 09, 2010 at 6:24pm (EST)

The next issue of Famitsu Weekly is set to contain an interview with the developers of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, snippets of the interview have been found online and translated by a member of Heartstation.

The Interview in its entirety looks set to cover some brief history of the Kingdom Hearts series and may also contain a little of the future too. Birth by Sleep will be the main focus though as you can probably tell from the excerpts below.

“The game was going to be developed for PS2, but the a half year after the development for Birth by Sleep began, the request for Chain of Memories came.”

“There wasn’t even a year until the development deadline. There was an incredibly absurd amount of planning and action, we thought preparing the new components would be impossible, but when the development ended, everything was included and nothing was cut out.”

“A man was in charge of [animating] Aqua’s motion.”

“Speaking of its scale, there was concern for the number of people able to make an HD game.”

“As for the development of KH, certainly magic will happen in the end.”

“When the player’s reaction is good I am happy, I can make a bond with the players. I want to do my best on the next title.”

The full interview can be expected soon.

Source: Heartstation