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Kingdom Hearts Union has gone from strength to strength as a podcast since it debuted back in the summer of 2009. We have amassed well over 750,000 downloads and it makes us by far the most popular Kingdom Hearts show around. That alone is something we are insanely proud of and humbled by at the same time.

Branden leads the current team and he's assisted by Churro and Sabrina. Every show, we look to provide important information about recent news, but there are also some awesome features and of course, community questions! If you want to ask a question to the co-hosts, please email us at... khuquestions@gmail.com.

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Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 82

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

D23 just wrapped up, and with it came a lot of news! Big Hero 6 will officially be a world in Kingdom Hearts 3 and will feature a new storyline that takes place after the film. Branden, Churro, and Sabrina discuss this as well as questions from the community! What do we think about other Disney Worlds like Tangled being in Kingdom Hearts 3? What kind of secret movie should Kingdom Hea


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 81

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

With E3 2015 over a month ago now, our heads are already turning to the next source of news. That happens to be the D23 festival taking place in Anaheim and the pair discuss potential announcements that may come out of this show, after it was confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be in attendance. Outside of this small piece of news, Branden and Churro take questions from the communit


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 80

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

What a crazy few weeks it has been! Kingdom Hearts 3 saw a fantastic trailer debuted at E3 2015 and we have also had a ton of information revealed about Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi. And that's not even mentioning the fact that both Branden and Churro were at the show to experience it all first hand. For Episode 80 of Kingdom Hearts Union, they are joined by Sabrina as they share thei


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 79

Posted on May 26, 2015

With E3 2015 right around the corner, Branden and Churro take to the stage to discuss their predictions for the Kingdom Hearts franchise at the world's premium gaming showcase. Will we see any major announcements or will it be a low key show? Well, that's the topic of discussion! We also had a new Kingdom Hearts game announced, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi. This was teased by Nomura a


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 78

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

Rejoice everyone, for we have some news to share this episode. Yes, Branden is joined by Sabrina as they discuss some news... about some news! We know that there are some big Kingdom Hearts 3 surprises planned for the D23 Fan Expo that will take place later this year in Japan, but what could they be? Tetsuya Nomura has already stated that they are working on a new Kingdom Hearts mobi


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 77

Posted on Mar 31, 2015

With only a limited amount of Kingdom Hearts news announced since the last episode, which primarily focusses on the announcement of a Kingdom Hearts fan event, the group decide to mix things up a bit. Yes, Branden is joined by Churro and Sabrina as they provide a Kingdom Hearts perspective on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. A wide range of topics are discussed with regards to the de


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 76

Posted on Mar 03, 2015

Episode 76 of Kingdom Hearts Union has arrived and Branden is joined by Churro and Sabrina as they bring about the return of Kingdom Hearts University. For this learning lesson, the crew take a look at the browser-based game called Kingdom Hearts Chi. So far this is only available in Japanese, but more and more guides are becoming available to help English users understand what's going on. The top


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 75

Posted on Feb 03, 2015

In Episode 75 of Kingdom Hearts Union, Branden is joined by Churro for their second special valentines episode. Yes, that's right the dynamic duo of Kingdom Hearts will be discussing how love could work as a theme in Kingdom Hearts 3 and how they feel it would be best perceived by audiences should Nomura and the crew over at Square Enix decide to make the connection between Sora and Kairi more obv


Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 74

Posted on Jan 05, 2015

Welcome to the first Kingdom Hearts Union episode of 2015! The gang is back to ring in the new year with all things KH. Branden, Churro, and Sabrina jump right into the fray. First up is the news but not much has been released since the special KH holiday special. However, we did get footage from the KH2.5 launch event and Yasue tells us that development for KH3 is moving along at a pace.


Kingdom Hearts Union: Holiday Special 2014

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Surprise everyone! Just when you thought you wouldn't hear another Kingdom Hearts Union until 2015, Branden, Churro, and Sabrina got together to record a special show just for you! In this Holiday special the gang discuss the recent Kingdom Hearts 3 footage that was shown at the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 launch events and what they're planning to do during the Holiday season. Rounding out the show is a s