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Who doesn't love a good opinion piece right? Here you will find all of our musings about Kingdom Hearts ranging from thoughts about upcoming games, all the way through to special pieces about our relationship with the franchise.

Depending on how things go, we may even spruce up our features section with a range of guides for bosses, walkthroughs for certain parts and maybe even some thoughts about what our favourite keyblades, characters and summons are. Either way, we hope that each time we dabble with creative writing, that you will be entertained.


5 Worlds We Want To See Again In Kingdom Hearts III

By Mike Sousa on Feb 20, 2016

Disney worlds play a huge role in the Kingdom Hearts series, each having its own story and importance for the overall plot of each game. Some worlds have appeared in several Kingdom Hearts titles, and with Kingdom Hearts III around the corner, fans hope that the game features new Disney worlds instead of old ones. Although we agree with this idea, we also think that some worlds should be given ano


Ways The Gummi Ship System Can Be Improved In Kingdom Hearts 3

By Ysabellerocks on Jan 21, 2016

The Gummi Ship is an integral part of Kingdom Hearts, allowing Sora and company to travel from world to world and seal each world’s keyhole. Implemented into the gameplay as fence off content, the Gummi Ship segments are an unavoidable aspect of a Kingdom Hearts playthrough. Evolving throughout the series, the Gummi Ship has felt for me largely disconnected from the overall feel of Kingdom


Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts Union TGS 2015 Special Episode

By Fozzie on Sep 20, 2015

Those crafty guys at Square Enix just had to wait until Kingdom Hearts Union's last episode to release information on Kingdom Hearts 2.8! Anyways, as promised here's a special little Tokyo Game Show 2015 Episode where we discuss all of the new Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy information at TGS 2015. Final Fantasy Union's Darryl and Kingdom Hearts Union's Branden discuss their thoughts on


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, The Stopgap For Kingdom Hearts 3's 2017 Release

By Branden on Sep 17, 2015

In a surprise announcement at Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2015 Press Conference, Square Enix showed off a trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. This collection includes Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD, Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-. What was not announced however, was when this title would be releasing, nor how it w


Artist Bentley Jones Releases Sanctuary (Passion) Cover

By Fozzie on Aug 13, 2015

For all of you looking for some new Kingdom Hearts related music to listen to, artist Bentley Jones has released a gorgeous cover of Utada Hikaru's Sanctuary (Passion) from Kingdom Hearts II. We've certainly heard lots of Simple and Clean covers, but Passion isn't one we get very often and with Bentley's gorgeous production value, this cover is a real treat to listen to.


Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts Union: E3 2015 Special Episode

By Fozzie on Jun 23, 2015

E3 is over and as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts had major presences at the event, we decided it'd be best to have a joint show chatting about all of the amazing announcements together. Join Branden, Churro, and Darryl as they discuss the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, and many other Square Enix related titles. We'll be posting up an episode of Kingdom He


Everything We Learned From E3 2015 About Kingdom Hearts

By Fozzie on Jun 21, 2015

Before the show, Square Enix didn't really seem too set on providing us with much at this year's E3 with regards to Kingdom Hearts. Although director Tetsuya Nomura stated that more Kingdom Hearts III information would come out of this year's D23 Japan Expo, it definitely didn't seem as though we'd be getting anything new from him at E3 2015. Square Enix then proceeded to once again p


Tetsuya Nomura Talks With Us About Kingdom Hearts 3

By Branden on Jun 20, 2015

E3 2015 turned out to be a massive blur due to the sheer breadth of news, but one of the clear highlights from the show was our opportunity to sit down with the legendary Tetsuya Nomura! Nomura was in Los Angeles to talk about Kingdom Hearts 3, but Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi was also shown off during the Square Enix Press Conference. We were given the opportunity to talk with him ab


What Does The Future Hold For Kingdom Hearts?

By ysabellerocks on Jun 05, 2015

E3 is on the horizon and, although Kingdom Hearts 3 is not confirmed to appear, we definitely know D23 will bring us new information at least. However, what kind of other Kingdom Hearts games could we see announced in the near future? Kingdom Hearts HD for PS4 and XB1 Almost the entire series is now available remastered in HD for PS3 and it’s been great to relive


Top 5 moments in Kingdom Hearts X Chi

By ysabellerocks on Feb 17, 2015

The Japan exclusive browser game Kingdom Hearts Chi has been running for over a year now. As the story has evolved the games connection to Kingdom Hearts III has never been stronger but what are the top 5 moments in the game so far? Warning- this will contain spoilers for the story so far.