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New Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (Chi) Trailer Premiered At TGS 2015

NEWS By Fozzie Sep 22, 2015 at 1:52pm (EST)

Although there still isn't any information regarding Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (Chi)'s release date in the west, Square Enix showed a small trailer for the game.

Unchained X (Chi) is the iOS version of Kingdom Hearts X (Chi) which was is a browser based game where players can design their very own keyblade wielders and go on adventures with notable Disney characters like Donald and Goofy. The game takes place before the story of Kingdom Hearts and the Keyblade War.

The browser version was never localized, however, Square Enix announced that Unchained X (Chi) would be localized instead. Kingdom Hearts 2.8's Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover will cover the tale of the Foretellers while also offering some new information.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (Chi) released on September 3rd in Japan and will release some time later this year in the west.

You can watch the latest trailer below: